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A Photographic  Library dedicated to

the Wildlife and Landscape of Cornwall


Carol's Cornwall is a photographic website dedicated to both the wildlife

and landscape of Cornwall. Cornwall is where I live, where I was born and the

place I cherish. Cornwall has so much to offer and because of a rekindled

interest in photography I have decided to share the experiences and things I come across on this website, and primarily for educational purposes.

It is hoped this site will eventually be used, both as a teaching aid in

schools across the county and as a resource for tourism. Although the key

aspects of this website will be to show Cornwall to those that live here,

and show people what can be found and what can be seen, on our doorstep.

To be able to preserve and protect our environment we really do need

understand it and know a little about what's in it. In time it is hoped this website

will provide a fairly comprehensive picture of the county's environment.

The website is divided into five main categories, which include The Coast;

Wild Animals; Plants, Lichens and Fungi; The Landscape and On the Beach,

and these categories have many sub-categories as will be seen.

The categories have been laid out both as text links and as thumbnails,

and to help with both identification and navigation; and the categories can

be viewed either by clicking the back button on a browser or by clicking

on the main text links at the foot of each page. It is hoped that this form

of navigation will be easy to use both by adults and children alike.

Finally, it is hoped that the this website will provide an enjoyable

opportunity to view the county as I see it. If any errors are found, either page

links or wrong identifications, then please do get in touch and correct me,

I know nobody's perfect but I do try my best.

For further information contact Carol. E-mail


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